This one has it all for that food lover. Keep them happy and well fed with this delicious combination of;

Braidwood Food Co's Roasted Garlic, Rocket & Mountain Pepper Pasta

Braidwood Food Co's Oven Rosemary & Monaro Purple Garlic Baked Flat Bread

Poachers Pantry Tarragon & Lemon Smoked Chicken Breast

Poachers Pantry Smoked Proscuitto

Tilba Real Dairy Cheese Wedge

Bean Central's Sweet Balsamic Glaze

Bean Central's Little Kicker Chilli Sauce or Bangin BBQ Sauce

Snowy Mountain Cookie (various)

Batemans Bay Nut Roasting Co's BBQ Kri Kri Peanuts or Caramel Peanuts

Batemans Bay Nut Roasting Co's Wasabi & Seaweed Macadamia or Maple Toasted Pecans

Homeleigh Groves Marinated Olives

And to wash it all down, a quality Canberra wine of your choice!

Ich Habe Hunger!