THREE award-winning Canberra region producers and a cocktail guru. NOT the beginning of some joke but the Future Of Cocktails.


Meet Sunset Forage, a creative collaboration between Underground Spirits, Contentious Character Winery, Jasper & Myrtle and The Martini Whisperer.


Each pack contains all the ingredients to make the perfect ‘Sunset Forage’ cocktail and you have access to an eloquent video, fashioning the entire cocktail experience as something to enjoy, have fun and learn!



  • Contentious Character 2021 Rosé 'Coming Up Roses' (750ml): a savoury-styled rose made from shiraz grapes
  • Underground Spirits Shiraz Gin with Tasmanian Pepperberries (250ml): notes of vanilla, toast and cedar with the fruity juicy characters of the shiraz
  • Underground Spirits Vodka (50ml) and Cherries: make your very own cherry liqueur at home!
  • Detail printed cocktail card
  • Jasper & Myrtle Flavoured Chocolate Bar

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